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» GENERAL: $15.00
» FAST PASS: $25.00

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In 1952, having traveled the world and visiting countless penitentiaries holding criminals incarcerated for committing heinous crimes against humanity, Dr. Thaddeus Munck opened The 13th Ward, a highly praised, state-of the art rehabilitation facility. Promising remedies for even the most criminally insane, he soon filled his wards with psychopaths. These “patients” were subject to torture, lobotomy, electroshock therapy and other illegal experimentation at the hands of Dr. Munck, which forever altered their minds and behaviors, rendering them soulless monsters fixated on killing, bludgeoning and destroying everything, human or not, in their path. 

At present day, the facility is thought of as nothing more than a local healthcare facility; admitting and treating patients, without any mention of its former tales of horror. Dr. Munck and his band of twisted orderlies and nurses have long been forgotten; thought of only as myths used to scare local school children and passersby. 

This, unbeknownst to the greater public, is a lie.

What is the truth?

Deep within the bowels of the facility, away from the everyday rhythm of a flourishing hospital, Dr. Munck and his staff continue their disturbed mutilations in secret. Few living have ever escaped the depths of Dr. Munck’s hidden chambers.

Now you know the true story.

Step into Dr. Munck's domain, cross the threshold into despair, and dare to explore his rooms of horror.  But the trick to Dr. Munck and The 13th Ward is not getting in…it's getting out.  Will you survive?